On November 17, 2015, US Federal Reserve Board Governor, Daniel K. Tarullo, delivered a speech at the Brookings Institution discussing the need to carefully regulate nonbank financial intermediation activities. He emphasized the importance of having a non-uniform, multi-dimensional approach to the regulation of the various forms of nonbank intermediaries, given the “constantly changing and largely unrelated set of intermediation activities pursued by very different types of financial market actors”. He also stated that regulators should identify and assess the specific risks applicable to each particular institution, noting that not all nonbank financial entities or activities pose material threats to financial stability. Although Governor Tarullo noted that the growth of shadow banking in recent years has been modest, he cautioned specifically about the risks to financial stability that could result from heavy reliance on short-term credit providers and the use of “highly volatile funding structures outside of the regulated sector”.

The speech is available at: http://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/tarullo20151117a.htm