The judiciary has proposed legislative amendments to the Labour Tribunal Ordinance, which, if approved by the Legislative Council, will

  • Clarify the jurisdiction of the Labour Tribunal to hear claims for unliquidated sums as well as liquidated sums.
  • Give the Labour Tribunal a general power to order a party to give security if it is just and expedient to do so, in order to minimize undue delays and abuses of the adjudication process.
    If the party fails to give security when ordered to do so, the Tribunal may dismiss the claim, stay the proceedings or enter judgment on the claim.
  • Revise the time limit for enforcing Labour Tribunal awards from 12 months to six years, to align with other civil claims.

The proposed amendments are currently under review and, if approved, are expected to be passed into law by mid 2015. We will report on the changes in detail once they have been approved.