On September 12, 2008, Public Act 095-0958 was issued, which among other things, amends the Illinois Insurance Code to expand health insurance coverage for dependents. After June 1, 2009, all group or individual accident and health insurance or managed care plans that are amended, delivered, issued or renewed in Illinois must provide unmarried dependent coverage (1) up to age 26 without regard to student status or (2) up to age 30 if a member of the military. To be eligible for the military extension up to age 30, the unmarried dependent (a) must be an Illinois resident, (b) must have served as a member of the active or reserve component of any military branch, and (c) must have received a discharge other than dishonorable. The eligible dependent will be required to submit to the insurance company a form approved by the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs stating the date the dependent was released from military service.