Royal Orders Awarding Honours

Sultani Decrees
Order conferring the Al Numan Award (First Class) to HE Paola Amadi, Ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Sultanate, at the end of her tenure. Issued on 17 February 2016.

Ministerial Decisions

Ministerial Decision No. 10/2016 Renewing the membership of named persons in the Education Council for 4 years.
Issued on 28/02/2016. Effective the day their membership expires.

Ministry of Social Development

Ministerial Decision No. 19/2016 Amending some provisions of the regulations governing the dispensing of prosthetic devices and aids.
Issued on 25/01/2016. Effective the day after publication.

Capital Market Authority

Decision No. Kh/2/2016 Amending the Implementing Regulations of the Capital Market Law in relation to disclosure of initial annual un-audited financial results and the disclosure of audited and un-audited financial statements through electronic submission system to the Muscat Securities Market (MSM's) website.
Issued on 25/02/2016. Effective the day after publication.

Official Announcements

Ministry of Manpower

Announcement of an application by Oman UAE Exchange Centre & Co to form a trade union.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Announcement concerning the renewal of the protection period of registered commercial trademarks
Announcement of trademarks that have been registered with a user licence.

Tender No. 1/2016 (International)
For the supply of surgical equipment to the Ministry of Health.

Commercial Announcements

The commencement of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following companies is announced:

  1. National Engineering Industries Co. LLC
  2. Aker Well Service LLC
  3. Al Salimi Engineering Works LLC
  4. Modern Kitchens LLC
  5. DSM Oman LLC
  6. Al Sabina Commercial LLC
  7. White Rivers Trading & Contracting – Limited Partnership
  8. Jibal Al Kharis Trading & Contracting – Limited Partnership

The completion of liquidation proceedings in respect of the following companies is announced:

  1. Dawn of the East LLC
  2. United Safety Muscat LLC
  3. Powertech Holding LLC
  4. Middle Point LLC
  5. National Herbal Medicine Clinic LLC
  6. Aseel Al Dhahira LLC
  7. Awtad Al Duwaliya Al Haditha LLC
  8. Desert Oasis Comprehensive Projects – General Partnership
  9. Rubu' Al Badiya Comprehensive Projects – General Partnership
  10. Sahari Al Wathba Trading – General Partnership
  11. Arabian Gulf Oasis Trading – General Partnership
  12. Al Mahyul Gate Trading & Contracting – General Partnership
  13. Al Mahyul Pearl Projects Trading – General Partnership
  14. Munadhir Al Sharq Al Wataniya Trading – General Partnership
  15. Widyan Abha Trading – General Partnership