On 29 July 2011, the Tribunal Service Mental Health (TSMH) issued its First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) Stakeholder Bulletin.

It contains the following headings:  

  • Contacting the tribunal: this refers to a new contacts sheet which is available on the website and regularly updated.
  • Use of secure email: this is the preferred method of communication and details are provided on how to utilise it.
  • Applications: some changes in acknowledging patients’ applications are being made. Where a patient is represented, the acknowledgment will only go to their solicitor.
  • Forms used in the applications process: new application and referral forms are available on the website and should be used with immediate effect.
  • Case management requests (form CMR1): this form should be used if you wish to make a case management request to the tribunal.
  • Secretary of State supplementary statements: they are entitled to file a supplementary statement commenting on any additional reports or documents sent to them but there is no obligation on them to do so.
  • Reports processing team: when sending reports certain information needs to be put in the email subject header field (patient’s name or initials, if server allows for this, the hearing date if known, restricted or non restricted and patient number, if known).Decisions: the TSMH will no longer serve the decision on the responsible clinician or the approved mental health practitioner (only on the detaining authority (the hospital) and, in restricted cases, the mental health casework section).
  • Feedback on the bulletin is invited.