Interesting article from Paul Stoddart referencing recent research which found that whilst we are comfortable using mobile devices as our point of interface in the payments cycle - almost 50% of UK Customers still want to see their banks involved in that payment cycle.

If someone had told me 15 years ago that as a lawyer I would be working exclusively in a paperless environment by 2014 I wouldn't have believed them.

Will I still need a "Bank" in my payments cycle in 2030?- Blockchain anyone?

The recent VocaLink Next Generation of Payments Research shows that almost half of UK customers said that they were more likely to use a new payment mechanism from their own bank (double those who are more likely to use a new payment mechanism from the government!) and this reinforces the view that the “dinosaurs” will embrace the new technology and take on mobile upstarts successfully: when I buy something in Tesco, I want the money just to go from my bank to Tesco’s bank account safely and securely.