The ACCC has issued a draft notice proposing to revoke an exclusive dealing notification for Football Queensland that enables it to require member clubs to only use apparel and equipment from licensed suppliers. This includes tracksuits, playing shirts, shorts, socks and soccer balls.

According to the ACCC, Football Queensland's program has reduced competition in the supply of football apparel in Queensland, increasing administrative and supplier costs and likely resulting in higher prices for apparel and equipment.

The ACCC recognises that the program delivers some benefits by funding initiatives and equipment for coaches and football clubs. However, Football Queensland has not provided sufficient financial information to satisfy the ACCC that the program delivers sufficient benefits to football clubs and players to outweigh the detriment.

The ACCC is also not satisfied that the program has provided a minimum quality standard for football apparel or that it has significantly reduced costs for football clubs and players.

The ACCC sought comment on its draft notice by 30 September 2011.