Two multi-million jury verdicts from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County demonstrate the explosion of retaliation lawsuits in recent years. In both cases, the jury awarded significant damages on retaliation claims despite finding no merit in the plaintiffs’ underlying allegations of wrongdoing. In Selwyn Lord Young v. Los Angeles City College, et al., a fired college coach sued his employer for racial discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation, alleging that he was terminated after reporting the wrongdoing by school officials. The jury did not find racial discrimination or sexual harassment, but it awarded plaintiff $1,126,114 in damages on his retaliation claim. In Michael Winston v. Countrywide Financial Corporation, a former officer at Countrywide Financial alleged that he had been fraudulently induced into joining Countrywide and then fired after refusing to falsify a report on Countrywide's mortgage loan practices to a bond-rating firm and complaining about noxious fumes in his office. While finding no liability on the fraudulent inducement claims, the jury awarded him $3,828,166 in past and future economic damages on the retaliation claim.