From a great idea to a global tech giant, we can help you to navigate the legal challenges and advise you on how to make the most of your budget.

Q. Aren’t lawyers too expensive for a Start Up to use

Problems that aren’t fixed in the early stages become much more difficult and expensive to fix later on - and in the worst case might even bring down your funding round. It’s worth taking proper legal advice for your share capital and anything core to your business e.g. data protection regs if you’re an analytics company.

Q. How can I control my legal costs?

Keep it simple. Shareholder arrangements are very flexible, but there’s a range of well-tested “usual” ways of doing things. It might be that within that range you can only get 95% of your ideal structure – but optimising for that last 5%, drafting new structures, getting your investor comfortable, checking it doesn’t mess up any tax treatments on your shares, etc. is going to mean a bigger cost.

Q. Who should talk to the lawyer?

Don’t forget, your lawyer will have seen it all before. Everyone’s concerns need to be addressed, but pick one person to gather questions and feedback and send it all in one go to the lawyer. Having your law firm copied on big email chains, or sat at the table while the team all gives their thoughts, is a quick way to run up a large bill.

Some legal considerations for each stage of your funding journey

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