The German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) has declared the German Football League Association (GFLA) and the German Football League (DFL)'s commitment legally binding; a commitment that contains a "no-single-buyer-rule" and observes comprehensive criteria when awarding media rights for the games of the 1st and 2nd football leagues from the 2017/18 season onwards.

By accepting the commitment, the German Federal Cartel Office is enhancing the competition. Specifically, it enhances opportunities of the internet based bidders as the President of the Office stated that "it was important to have rules which ensure that more than one single bidder gains the live rights to Bundesliga games. As long as there is only one holder of live rights in the market, there is the danger that innovation competition, especially from internet-based offers, will be restricted."

The President further points out that "As experience from other countries, e.g. England, shows, such a model does not usually mean that consumers need more than one subscription to be able to view all the games. Rights holders can also grant one another sublicences. In addition to this there should also be offers which only show some of the live games."

Expanding on the commitment proposed by GFLA and DFL, the Office said it would be sufficient if an alternative buyer is awarded the broadcast right of 30 to 102 (total 306 games) attractive Bundesliga games, taking into account "whether all distribution channels or only internet and mobile streaming are included.