The $27.5 billion FY2012 Interior, Environment and Related Agencies spending bill released by the House Appropriations Committee on July 6, would bar the EPA from promulgating rules to regulate GHG emitted from power plants, refineries, and other large stationary sources and could not enforce existing GHG permits it has issued for those sites for one year. The bill, which includes a broad array of riders that seek to strip authority and blocks funding for particular rules from the EPA and other environmental regulations, is scheduled for subcommittee markup July 7. The bill itself, and the riders in particular, are likely to face strong opposition from the Democratic-controlled Senate and the White House, and are thus likely to see significant adjustments before FY2012 begins Oct. 1. Congressional Republicans argue that recent climate-related regulations and a host of other environmental rules issued under the Obama administration are legally dubious and ultimately inimical to the economic recovery. Under the bill, the Obama administration would also have to submit a comprehensive report to both Appropriations Committees “describing in detail all federal agency funding, domestic and international, for climate change programs, projects and activities” for FY2011 and FY2012.