Decree-Law 110/2014, which was approved on 10 July, creates, under the Ministry of Health, the Health Research Fund ("Fund"). The Fund is intended to provide funding to activities and research aimed at protecting, promoting and improving the health of people in the areas of (i) clinical research; (ii) basic and translational research with a potential interest in clinics or therapy and (iii) research in public health and health services, particularly in preventive and therapeutic interventions.

The Fund is a special fund, without legal personality and with administrative and financial autonomy. The competence for the administration and management of the Fund was assigned to Infarmed, which will be the source of financing of the Fund, together with the product of financial investments of the capital available in the Fund, as well as of donations or any other revenue assigned to it by law or legal business.

On the other hand, Resolution 153/2014, of August 4, established that Fund management operations will be accounted autonomously so as to allow a clear differentiation between the latter and the remaining accounting of Infarmed. The referred Resolution further determined that the attribution of subsidies should meet the following principles: (i) it shall be governed by the principle of equality amongst the beneficiaries, (ii) it must restrained to the indispensability of the public interest and (iii) it shall not be applied to activities that are already subject to national or community support.