Judgments and Awards

On October 3, 2017, a federal court in Miami, FL awarded TM Brands $1,500,000 pursuant to a stipulated agreement reached during trial. In 2015, Casa Dimitri sued TM Brands for trademark infringement relating to sales of watches under the TechnoMarine® marks. TM Brands counter-sued based on the same Federal Trademark Registrations. Casa Dimitri believed it had a license to those marks, but TM Brands had purchased the rights to the marks from the original owner in a bankruptcy proceeding. Once the Court decided that Casa Dimitri was liable for trademark infringement, the parties proceeded to trial on damages. After trial began, the parties reached a stipulated judgment for $1,500,000 and Casa Dimitri’s agreement to cease using the disputed marks.

The case is Casa Dimitri Corp. v. TechnoMarine USA, Inc. et al, 15-cv-21038-KMM