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Damien DeLaney and Jeff Kimmel, Co-Chairs of Akerman’s Wage and Hour Practice, discuss new laws and court cases that may have an impact on what employers need to do to comply with wage and hour laws in 2023. In this episode, Jeff and Damien discuss expected challenges to new rules put into effect by the Biden Administration, including the test for classification of workers as independent contractors, the new 80/20 rule to determine if workers can be paid the tip credit minimum wage, a new wave of court challenges how collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act are administered by the courts, and court challenges to certain regulatory restrictions on use of the “white collar” exemptions to FLSA overtime requirements.

Jeff Kimmel and Damien DeLaney, Co-Chairs of Akerman’s Wage and Hour Practice, lead discussions on the most important developments and trends in wage and hour law, and break down complex wage and hour issues so that employers can stay on top of wage and hour laws at the federal, state and local level and avoid costly lawsuits or government enforcement proceedings.