As of 03 July 2014, the law “On amendment of law “On State Land Cadastre” with respect to abolishment of the fee for introducing (amendment) of  information into the State Land Cadastre” came into force (the “Law”).

The Law provides that the introduction of land data into the State Land Cadastre* (as well as its further amendment) is to be performed by the state cadastral registrar free of charge. The Law abolishes payment for the following services: (i) state registration of a land plot in the State Land Cadastre (previously 65 UAH); (ii) further amendments to information on a land plot that was introduced into the State Land Cadastre (previously 60 UAH) and (iii) state registration of limitations established with respect to a land plot (previously 161 UAH).

At the same time, payment is still required for obtaining information from the State Land Cadastre. Thus, in order to obtain an extract from the State Land Cadastre with respect to a land plot, a person is still required to pay 53-68 UAH (depending on the type of extract).

*The State Land Cadastre is the official state register which contains detailed data on all land located within the borders of Ukraine (e.g. the designated purpose of the land, existing limitations, composition of land etc.). In Ukraine, a land plot is deemed officially created when information on such land plot is introduced into the State Land Cadastre.