The New Jersey Assembly passed three important employment-related bills this Monday June 16, 2014. All three bills now await the signature of Governor Chris Christie before they become law.

With the passage of two of the bills, the legislature aimed to eliminate gender-based pay disparities. Specifically, the “Wage Transparency Act” (S.1038) requires state contractors to provide information about each employee’s gender, race, job title, occupational category, and total compensation. The newly passed “Unfair Wage Recovery Act” (S.783) provides that each paycheck an employee receives restarts a new statute of limitations period for pay discrimination claims. Both bills passed the Senate in March 2014.

The third bill (S.1440) passed on June 16 provides further protection for New Jersey’s unemployed. If signed into law, New Jersey employers would be prohibited from discriminating against unemployed job applicants. The Senate had approved this bill in May 2014.

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