Supreme Court rules on CCA cases: The Supreme Court has handed down judgment in two cases involving claims under the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) where borrowers were sold payment protection insurance (PPI). In one case, it held that mere non-disclosure of the existence and amount of commission on a PPI sale did not of itself create an unfair relationship. In the other case, the Court applied a broad interpretation of when a broker acts "on behalf of" a lender for the purposes of s140A(1)(c) CCA where both lender and broker had received commissions for a PPI sale that were not disclosed to the borrower. The claimant said the broker had not carried out a proper assessment of her demands and needs or performed a suitability check on behalf of the lender. (Source: Conlon (Appellant) v. Black Horse Limited (Respondent) and Plevin (Respondent) v. Paragon Personal Finance Limited (Appellant))