LSB publishes helpline costs review: LSB has published the results of a review it carried out of the costs to customers of calling help and service lines provided by LSB subscribers. It found significant differences between firms and products in terms of whether firms provide freephone numbers, which it thinks may be due at least in part to lack of specific regulatory guidance. Many firms offer freephone numbers for new customers but switch to a paid-for service for existing ones. No firm used premium rate numbers. LSB noted also that network operators will have to enable 0800 numbers to be called from mobiles from mid-2015. Overall it found firms need to be clearer in explaining costs of these lines to customers. It was particularly concerned that customers should incur no cost when calling to reject unsolicited add-ons, such as unrequested overdraft increases. It also commented on the merits of using free, or low rate, numbers for customers making complaints or those in financial difficulties. (Source: LSB Publishes Helpline Costs Review)