The European Commission (Commission) has fined Microsoft a record €899m for non-compliance with a March 2004 decision (subsequently upheld by the Court of First Instance) that Microsoft had abused its dominant position by denying competitors access to interface documentation to allow interoperability for work group servers. Microsoft was ordered to make such documentation available at a reasonable price. In this decision the Commission found that by charging a percentage of a licensees’ revenues for a patent licence, Microsoft did not provide such interoperability information at a reasonable price. The fine imposed therefore covers a period of alleged non-compliance from 21 June 2006 until 21 October 2007 when Microsoft began providing interoperability information for a €10,000 flat fee. Interestingly, shortly before the fines were imposed, Microsoft announced its commitment to a variety of measures for the promotion of interoperability in the software market. However, this move did not appear to affect the Commission’s decision on the level of fine imposed.