On December 16, 2014, the MOM, NTUC, and SNEF jointly announced that they have developed a set of Tripartite Guidelines on the Issuance of Key Employment Terms in Writing ("KET Guidelines").

The issuance of the KET Guidelines follows the MOM's announcement in April 2014 that they will impose on all employers a mandatory obligation to provide their employees with select written key employment terms by the first half of 2016. The guidelines aim to provide employees with certainty as to their employment terms. Businesses in Singapore should review their practices now to ensure compliance when the provision of key written terms becomes mandatory in early 2016. The following terms, where relevant to the employment, must be provided by employers to their respective employees in writing:

  • Identity of employer and employee.
  • Job title and scope of employee's duties and responsibilities.
  • Commencement date and term of employment.
  • Work days and hours of work.
  • Rest days.
  • Information on salary.
  • Fixed allowances and other salary-related benefits.
  • Overtime rate and overtime payment period.
  • Leave entitlements, including annual leave, medical leave, and statutory leave.
  • Medical benefits.
  • Term of probation.
  • Manner and mode of termination, including applicable notice period.

The KET Guidelines state that the key employment terms should be provided to an employee prior to his or her commencement date and in any event not later than 14 days following the date on which the employee commences work with the company. As a matter of good practice, companies should also procure the employees' written acceptance of the key employment terms.

Key employment terms can be provided to employees in hard copy or electronically and should be communicated to the employee in a language that the employee understands.