Partly driven by the human rights debate, the EC has since 2010 sought to be more open as to its conduct of competition law investigations into anti-competitive agreements, including cartels, and abuse of dominance. Following drafts published in Jan. 2010, on Oct. 17, 2011, the EC published a package of materials “aimed at increasing interaction with parties in [competition law] proceedings and strengthening the mechanisms for safeguarding parties’ procedural rights”. These include in particular a note on “best practices” (procedure) and a revised mandate for the hearing officer (an EC official charged with overseeing the procedural rules). Of more interest, however, will be the publication, also promised by the EC under pressure from the European Ombudsman, of a public version of the EC’s legendary internal procedural manual, detailing how it goes about investigations. The EC has been implacably opposed to the publication of this document, but has now had to give way.