The Saeima (Latvian Parliament) has decided to postpone the coming into force of the Construction Law to 1 May 2014.

At present, 12 of 21 binding Cabinet regulations supporting the Construction Law have been delivered for approval; of these, the General Construction Regulations and the Building Construction Regulations are the most significant, together with Regulations on insurance of third party liability of construction workers and construction specialists, procedure for supervision of the construction material market and others. In general, all the required Cabinet regulations will be issued and come into force by 1 July 2014.

The draft General Construction Regulations classifies buildings into three groups depending on complexity and potential effects on the environment. The regulations include general regulation of construction for all groups, as well as regulations on how to initiate construction, conditions for revoking a construction permit, requirements for construction supervision and author supervision, regulations for engineering surveys and construction project examinations, and likewise they specify how to repair or demolish a building that has fully or partially collapsed, is dangerous or harms the landscape and which person involved in the construction process should bear responsibility for certain general operations.

In turn, the Building Construction Regulations provide more detailed features of what documents are needed and what requirements should be met during design of each group of buildings, construction design development and construction itself, as well as setting a procedure for changing the type of usage of a building without re-construction and how to carry out a simplified renovation and simplified facade renovation.