Darkreading.com reported very bad news about tax season fraud that “Sixty days into the 2017 tax season, that same preparer had 1.5 million user authentication attempts with more than 28,700 of them being either denied access or asked for more authentication.” The April 6, 2018 reported entitled “Protect Yourself from Online Fraud This Tax Season” included these 5 ways to avoid tax fraud including #4 to “Be wary of public Wi-Fi”

Cybercriminals can easily see individuals’ information on public Wi-Fi networks. Avoid inputting financial or sensitive personal information when connected to a public hotspot. Wait until you’re at home or on a trusted network.

Here are all 5 ways to protect yourself:

  1. Enable multifactor authentication.
  2. Best password practice.
  3. Don’t be fooled by phishing emails.
  4. Be wary of public Wi-Fi.
  5. Keep up to date.

Please be careful out there!