• The ACCC released a draft report on making a final access determination (FAD) for the declared wholesale ADSL service.  The service is used by retail telecommunications service providers to provide broadband internet products to consumers and businesses over Telstra’s copper network.

The draft FAD sets out proposed price and non-price terms for the declared wholesale ADSL service to apply until 30 June 2014. The ACCC proposes to limit the application of the FAD to Telstra and not to limit the application of the FAD to certain geographic regions, thereby applying the FAD nationally.

  • The Coalition released its broadband policy.  The policy provides for the NBN to be deployed through a mixed technology solution – Telstra and Optus HFC, fibre to the node using Telstra’s copper network for the last few hundred yards, fibre to the premises in new estates and satellite/wireless in remote areas.  The Coalition says its policy will deliver ‘fast broadband quicker and cheaper’.