San Francisco, CA—Edgeworth Economics, a leading economic consulting firm, consulted on behalf of Google in the closely watched case, Oracle America, Inc. v. Google Inc. At issue in the matter was Google’s use of the declaring code and structure, sequence, and organization of 37 Java application programming interfaces (APIs) in Google’s mobile operating system Android. Oracle’s allegations claimed that Google infringed Oracle copyrights. On May 26, 2016, a jury found that Google’s actions constituted lawful “fair use.”

An Edgeworth Economics team, made up of Dr. Gregory Leonard, Stephen Rusek, Dr. Qian Lu, Caitlin Moldvay, Marine Sargsyan, and Michael DeLaPaz, consulted on behalf of Google. Dr. Leonard testified at trial concerning economic analysis which demonstrated that Google’s use of the copyrighted material was “transformative” and did not cause market harm to the copyrighted work and its derivatives.