The Bureau recently announced the hiring of Stuart J. Ishimaru as director of the Dodd-Frank-mandated CFPB Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI). Ishimaru previously served as head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The new OMWI was created both to increase diversity within the Bureau itself and to encourage diversity at the firms the Bureau regulates. The Bureau is required to assess the diversity policies and practices of the entities it regulates and Mr. Ishimaru believes “[o]btaining diversity data from regulated entities will facilitate appropriate changes to the financial services industry.” He and CFPB head Richard Cordray recognize that the Bureau does not have authority to force employers to change their hiring processes since the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion, like its counterparts in other regulatory agencies, does not have rulemaking authority. Nonetheless, the OMWI will be promoting diversity in hiring. According to Ishimaru, his office will not be “forcing people to [diversify hiring], but it lets them know how to do it.” Cordray added that the Bureau wishes to collect data from those in the financial services industry “without imposing an undue regulatory burden.” Cordray sees the new office as “a tremendous opportunity for the bureau to encourage diversity.” Ishimaru also believes his office can “serve as a model” for achieving diversity in the workplace.