This follows a BBC report on Wednesday that another child, seven-year-old Megan Donald, was left with a swollen and bruised tongue after it became trapped in a Monsters Inc screw-top cup which was bought from the Disney Store. Megan’s mum, Natalie Donald, has called for the company to recall the product.

The Disney store confirmed to the BBC that the cup had been withdrawn from sale, along with three others of the same design, and stocks destroyed but said that there where currently no plans to recall the product.

Michelle Victor, solicitor in the Consumer Law and Product Safety team at Leigh Day, is representing the family of another child injured by a Disney cup.

Five-year-old James Andrew’s tongue became stuck in the lid of one of the Disney drinking cups on Wednesday 19th April. James’ mother states she had purchased the cup two days earlier at the Disney Store in Bluewater shopping centre.

Following failed attempts by his mother Christina, paramedics attended and managed to remove the bottom half of the bottle but were unable to remove the lid. James was taken to hospital and the lid was removed by a doctor. Christina said that the incident “caused a horrific amount of pain and bleeding from the tongue along with great distress for us all to witness”.

Christina, of Sevenoaks in Kent, was 26 weeks pregnant at the time of the incident and was also looking after her three-year-old child.

She said:

“My husband was not at home therefore I was alone. James was also starting to get more distressed and cold to touch and his legs had started to shake with the fear of what was happening to him.”

James returned to school on the Friday morning but came home in the afternoon as he was unable to eat solid food. That evening his condition worsened and he was in a lot of pain, he became unable to speak and struggled to drink or eat – he could only communicate by thumbs up and down or pointing to certain letters on the alphabet.

James was given antibiotics on the Saturday morning and finally started to get better by Tuesday 25th April when he was able to eat and speak again. He missed two days of school due to the injury.

Mrs Andrews said:

“I informed the Disney store of the incident on 20th April and stressed the severity of James’ injuries. I requested the product was removed because I did not want any mothers or children going through the same experience.”

The Disney Store responded to Mrs Andrews requesting further information but she decided to seek legal advice before responding to their request.

Michelle Victor, solicitor in the Consumer Law and Product Safety team at Leigh Day, said:

“This incident was incredibly distressing for the James and his family and cause a great deal of pain and suffering.

“While we welcome the Disney Store’s reported actions in withdrawing this product we believe that they should also recall the product to prevent any future potential injuries from those who have already bought these cups.”

Information was correct at time of publishing.