Sultani Decrees  

Sultani Decree / Royal Grant

Confers the Sultan Qaboos order for Culture, Science and Arts (First Class) on Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  

Promulgated on 3 December 2012  

Ministerial Decisions and Financial Publications  

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Decision No. 293/2012  

Removes the ban on importing live animals from the Republic of Sudan as promulgated by Ministerial Decision 1/2007.

Promulgated on 16 December 2012             Effective from day following publication  

Oman Academic Accreditation Authority  

Decision No. 47/2012  

Issues the financial publication for the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority.  

Promulgated on 2 December 2012               Effective from day following publication

Official Announcements  

Ministry of Manpower

On the basis of Ministerial Decision 570/2012, announces that the employees of Bahwan Building Materials have applied for the registration of a trade union.  

Ministry of Commerce and Industry  

Directorate of Intellectual Property

Announces the renewal of approved trademarks in accordance with Section 41 of Sultani Decree 67/2008 (Industrial Property Law).  

Central Bank of Oman  

Pursuant to Section 48 of the Banking Law promulgated by Sultani Decree 114/2000, the Central Bank announces the total amount of money exchanged in the Sultanate up to the end of November 2012 is OMR 1,192,377,217/105.