The Southern Ohio Port Authority (SOPA) “plays a unique role” with economic development in the community, and members of its Board of Directors and staff have been attending coursework in order to equip themselves to play that role well, the Community Common reports. Various community leaders make up the SOPA Board of Directors — leaders who at times “have to make complex and hard decisions,” but making those decisions “can sometimes be easier, if the board is equipped with the necessary training and knowledge,” according to the article. Two members, New Boston Councilman Mike Payton and SOPA Asset Manager Adam Phillips, attended the Ohio Economic Development Association Economic Development Basic Course this spring. SOPA’s Executive Director, Jason Kester, said that after Payton completes the course, “all of our government entities (Scioto County, city of Portsmouth and the village of New Boston) will have attended some type of economic development coursework.” Kester said the training “shows our various elected and government officials’ commitment to economic development.” For more, read the full article.