Recent Developments

The Special Administrative Unit "Migración Colombia" issued Resolution 02469 of 2013, which regulates Article 33 of the Decree 834, 2013. This Decree establishes an obligation to issue Foreigner's Identification Cards1  ("Cédulas de Extranjería") to individuals who are younger that 18 years old.

Steps to follow

  • File a request to obtain a Foreigner Identification Card for children, at an office of the Special Administrative Unit "Migración Colombia" located in the place of residence of the foreigners. The law does not clarify which underaged children are compelled to request the Foreigner Identification Card. The position of the Special Administrative Unit "Migración Colombia" is that this is mandatory for children who are 7 years old and above if they have been granted a Colombian visa since January 1, 2014.

What does the Resolution establish? 

This Resolution, which entered in force on January 1, 2014, regulates the obligation for the children who are over 7 years old and above to request before the competent Immigration authority a Foreigner Identification Card, which will be required for identification purpose during the stay in Colombia. The Resolution also establish the characteristics of the identification card issued for the children. 

The Resolution clarifies that it is not mandatory for children which hold beneficiary preferential, NE-2 and NE-4 visas which stay in the national territory for no longer than three months, to register their visas and request the Foreigner Identification Cards. 

Finally, the Resolution establishes that even if children holding preferential NE-2 and NE-4 beneficiary visas are not legally required to apply for a Foreigner Identification Card, they have the possibility of requesting it at an office of the Special Administrative Unit "Migración Colombia" by submitting the required documentation and paying the governmental rate in place at the moment of the request.