On April 17, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2526, which amends certain permissible practices and limitations governing consumer lenders, which include lenders who make closed end or revolving consumer loans under $10,000. The bill (i) increases the maximum allowable loan origination fee on closed end or revolving consumer loans from $75 to $150; (ii) permits a consumer lender to give a borrower a prize, good, merchandise, or tangible property with an aggregate value of up to $25; and (iii) modifies the framework governing permissible finance charges for consumer loans by increasing the applicable original principal amount, credit limit, or outstanding balance thresholds from either $500 or $1,000 to $3,000. The bill also prohibits consumer lenders from (i) increasing the established rate on a loan that was issued prior to the effective date of the bill when modifying or restructuring smaller loans; and (ii) holding a person responsible for a loan that was extended under fraudulent pretenses. Finally, the bill requires a consumer lender to correct any derogatory credit information reported to a consumer reporting agency within 30 days after knowledge that the loan was a result of such theft or fraud. The changes take effect July 24, 2014.