A federal court granted in part a motion to compel filed by the defendant reinsurer, Clearwater, against the plaintiff cedent, Granite State. Clearwater reinsured Granite State under a facultative reinsurance agreement covering certain losses arising from underlying asbestos bodily injury claims against Granite State’s insured. Granite State made claim for payment under the agreement to Clearwater. Clearwater disputed its obligation to pay under the agreement, claiming that Granite State failed to promptly notify Clearwater of the claims. Granite State sued. In discovery, Clearwater sought information pertaining to Granite State’s reserving, relative to an underlying settlement of certain asbestos claim coverage disputes. Granite State objected to the request. The court, in a summary opinion, ordered Granite State to produce “copies of any final reviews, analyses or studies, conducted by any consultants or other third parties, on the principal subject of the adequacy of Granite State’s reserves for asbestos exposures, claims, and/or losses, during the period from 1980 through 2009.” Granite State Insurance Co. v. Clearwater Insurance Co., No. 09-Civ-10607 (USDC S.D.N.Y. June 27, 2011).