The new Government Organization Law resulting of the executive remodeling was approved by the Council of Ministers on the 1 st of August and promulgated on Friday, the 16 th of August, by the President. The main changes to the Government Organization Law, published in the Official Gazette on the 21 st of August, consisted in the existence of a deputy prime minister and the change of the competences for employment, energy, environment and land management, creating a new ministry. Under the Decree Law 119/2013, the deputy prime minister replaces the prime minister during his absence or in case of incapacity, unless stated in contrary by him and integrates the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The new Ministry of Environment, Territory Planning and Energy will get the first two areas from the Ministry of Agriculture and Sea, and the energy sector from the Ministry of Economy, which is now managed by Mr. Pires de Lima. Employment is now transferred to the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security and the over competence the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forestry shall be exercised jointly by the Ministries of Environment, and also Agriculture and Sea.