Finding the answers to life’s BIG questions at Maccas has never been so easy.

Millions of McDonalds’ customers in Canada are taking up the opportunity to communicate their questions directly to the fast food giant. McDonalds has launched an innovative online campaign (check it out here) where you can ask them your burning questions and have them answered publicly in an interactive social media site. You can also view some great videos including watching the styling of a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" for a photo shoot (to demonstrate why the burgers you pull out of the box don’t look like the ones in the ads) and a clip on how to make a Big Mac at home (think Masterchef Masterclass).

There are plenty of questions about the chicken content in their chicken nuggets, the treatment of their livestock and secret ingredients such as what type of cheese they use. Some of my personal favourites include:

"Is the caramel dip for apple slices the same as the caramel for sundaes?" (This one sounds like someone trying to settle a family argument.)

"Is it ok to order a happy meal if you are an adult?"

"Is there beef in your fries?" (Pardon?)

And more interestingly, "Has your food changed a lot in the last 10 years health wise or just your marketing?"

With a reported 6.7 million views of a YouTube video on the site (that’s a fifth of the Canadian population!) this is a strong example of effective use of social media, demonstrating the power of this medium for having an interactive dialogue with your customers.

Now I’m off to eat some lunch…