On August 31, Grovetta Gardineer, the OCC’s Deputy Comptroller for Compliance Operations and Policy, delivered remarks at the Association of Military Bankers of America annual workshop in Leesburg, VA. Throughout her presentation, Gardineer highlighted issues affecting financial institutions focused primarily on lending to servicemembers. Gardineer discussed the OCC’s ongoing efforts to identify and correct deficiencies within bank and thrift compliance practices and noted improved Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”) compliance by regulated institutions. Specifically, Gardineer observed that in 2014, the OCC cited sixty-five SCRA violations among large, midsized, and community institutions. For the first quarter of 2015, however, Gardineer reported that OCC examiners cited only seven SCRA violations. Gardineer also referenced recent amendments to the Military Lending Act (“MLA”) which expanded consumer protections to both open-end and closed-end consumer credit for servicemembers; she emphasized that banks should be proactive in updating their internal policies and procedures to reflect the MLA’s changes. Reiterating the OCC’s commitment to cybersecurity, Gardineer advised that OCC examiners intend to use the cybersecurity assessment tool “to supplement exam work to gain a more complete understanding of an institution’s inherent risk, risk management practices, and controls related to cybersecurity.” Finally, Gardineer discussed innovation within the industry, such as the emergence of various mobile payments transfer systems and peer-to-peer lending. She stressed that the OCC intends to facilitate a responsible regulatory environment that will encourage innovative financial products and services while also implementing regulations to ensure adequate consumer protections.