The Act was amended on January 29, 2014. Highlights of the amendments include:

  1. for offenses under the Trade Secrets Act, the Forestry Act, and the Waste Disposal Act, an application may be made to a court for an order authorizing communications surveillance ;
  2. an order authorizing surveillance is on a per-individual basis, such that a surveillance order is required to surveil each individual. If there are multiple individuals committing crimes in the same case, then applications shall be made for multiple surveillance orders;
  3. evidence for another case accidentally obtained in the course of surveillance shall not be used as evidence for that other case unless authorized by the court; and
  4. information obtained through authorized surveillance shall not be used as evidence if the said information is not related to the authorized purpose of the surveillance; and
  5. information obtained through surveillance that is in contravention of legally required procedures shall not be deemed as evidence.