The 200th meeting of the Origin section of the Customs Code Committee took place on 17-18 September 2012. The report of that meeting has not yet been made publicly available, but the agenda included a discussion on El Salvador’s and Guatemala’s request for a derogation from the EU’s GSP rules of origin, and the entry into force of the regional Convention on Pan-Euro- Med preferential rules of origin. Delegations were also set to make comments on the exchange of letters between the EU, Norway and Switzerland providing that products with content of Norwegian, Swiss or Turkish origin shall be treated on their arrival in the customs territory of the EU as products originating in the GSP beneficiary countries, and on the mutual acceptance of replacement certificates of origin Form A or replacement statements of origin. The Committee was further scheduled to discuss the state-of-play of the rules of origin in the EU-Korea FTA, the general monitoring of rules of origin in preferential arrangements and the Commission’s proposal for the implementation of a monitoring database, as well as rules of origin in FTA negotiations with Canada.