Do you want to protect your inventions and ideas? Follow an innovative skier through the basic steps of the patent process in this video.

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It’s your day, a chance to go skiing. Boots are on; check. Boots in binding; a problem. Out of your frustration, an idea hits you, a new way of attaching boots to the skis.As an innovator, you come up with a design, test it and now a new invention with revenue potential. Did you get a patent? Without taking the right steps to secure a patent your new idea may be exposed to being copied or being questioned as a similar competitors product.

You need a trail map to guide you. A Workman Nydegger attorney will be that guide in making sure you are on the right trail with these step by step instructions. First, defining. Your attorney will help you define how the invention works and how it is different from known efforts.

Second, preparing and filing a patent application. Your attorney will help you determine whether to file a design or a utility application. A utility application will include a complete set of claims, drawings, and a detailed technical description of your invention. A Workman Nydegger attorney customizes your application by drafting claims that will optimize your chance for a successful examination at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, also known as the USPTO. If necessary an attorney will file international applications. once the application has been filed you can market your products with patent pending.

Third, patent examination. The USPTO will review your application. A Workman Nydegger attorney will skillfully negotiate with the examiners at the USPTO to try to increase the chances of your application being allowed.

Once the application is allowed and you pay the appropriate fees you now have a patent. A wrong turn in this process could halt your opportunity. Don’t take this course of getting a patent alone. Your idea is one of a kind, so is our approach to intellectual property. Workman Nydegger’s custom, hand-tooled solutions will give your idea an artisan’s touch from day one and throughout the entire patent process. Workman Nydegger, the art of IP.