Race for Opportunity has recently published a report on the number of ethnic minority staff in senior management roles in the UK.

The report

The report highlights three key areas of concern which are:

  • On current trends, the percentage of ethnic minority workers in managerial positions may never be in line with their representation in the overall population;
  • The number of black and ethnic minority workers making it to the highest levels of managements is very small, and in some cases too small to analyse;
  • Policymakers and employers must be on guard to ensure that the current recession does not lead to a reversal of the progress that has been made. The last time the UK came close to recession, there was a noticeable slowdown in the growth in numbers of black and ethnic minority managers.

The statistics

The report states that at the end of 2007, 1 in 15, or 6.8% of the ethnic minority population held a management position, and white workers occupied 93.2% of the available managerial positions. Further, whilst there has been a rise in the number of ethnic minority managers in public administration (a rise from 25.7% to 33.2%), there have been falls in ethnic minority representation in all other sectors (i.e. education and health, banking, finance and insurance, transport and communications, construction, manufacturing and other services).

Mind the gap!

Not only is the under-representation of ethnic minority workers a concern, but a gender gap exists at director-level, with recent statistics showing that only 34.1% of senior managers from an ethnic minority background are women, representing a decrease since 2000.

The full Report can be accessed via the Business in the Community website:-