U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson and Mexican Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources Juan Elvira Quesada have signed an eight-year agreement to address environmental issues along their common border. Calling for increased cooperation both at the national level and among border municipalities, the “Border 2020: U.S.-Mexico Environmental Program” seeks to (i) reduce air pollution; (ii) improve access toclean and safe water; (iii) promote materials management, waste management and clean sites; (iv) enhance joint preparedness for environmental response; and (v) increase compliance assurance and environmental stewardship.  

The agreement does not establish specific standards for any emissions, discharges or remediation activities, but envisions development of a consensus among governments, academia, non-governmental organizations, and the public. It also recognizes the need for funding and anticipates identification of resources from federal, state and local governments as well as other grant and loan resources.