Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. has informed the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio that it is withdrawing its application to reduce its in-state solar requirements for 2010 and will refile the application with amendments later this week. In its "force majeure" application filed in January, FirstEnergy said that it had procured only 112 of the 3,206 in-state solar renewable energy credits ("SRECs") that it needed to comply with the 2010 solar requirements under Ohio's renewable portfolio standard ("RPS"). In its withdrawal filing this week, FirstEnergy says that it has now procured a total of 1,752 in-state SRECs. The utility says it will refile its force majeure application to coincide with the status report it is required to file with the Commission on April 15, 2011, regarding its overall compliance with the state's RPS. The full filing is available here (pdf required).

FirstEnergy's withdrawal filing comes after PUCO staff filed comments last week concluding that FirstEnergy did not provide enough information in its force majeure application to determine whether the utility fully explored all available options to meet the state's renewable requirements.