The ACMA has remade the Telecommunications Labelling Notice and 11 new ACMA technical standards by way of the following instruments:

  • Telecommunications (Labelling Notice for Customer Equipment and Customer Cabling) Instrument 2015 ("2015 Labelling Notice"); and
  • Telecommunications Technical Standards.

These instruments make several changes. The intent of the changes are that requirements for suppliers should be proportional to the risks associated with the supply and connection of non-compliant telecommunications customer equipment and customer cabling. The changes include:

  • reducing the number of categories describing the applicable standard and record keeping requirements for specified customer equipment from 46 to 4 general categories. The new categories focus on the functionality of the customer equipment (whereas the old categories focused on the network interface for the equipment which was becoming hard to apply given equipment increasingly has more than one network interface);
  • increasing the scope for suppliers to rely on overseas compliance documentation to demonstrate compliance with Australia requirements;
  • reducing record keeping requirements for customer equipment used in the supply of a public mobile telecommunications service, where the equipment is not used for voice telephony;
  • removing outdated and redundant clauses;
  • removing ACMA technical standards that no longer have any regulatory effect, or are no longer required due to technological obsolescence;
  • introducing ACMA technical standards that give effect to new or revised referenced Communications Alliance or Standards Australia industry technical standards upon the date of publication of the industry standard; and
  • reducing the compliance levels from three to two risk levels (i.e. high risk and not high risk).

There is a 2 year transition period for the 2015 Labelling Notice. During this period a supplier can choose to label in accordance with the 2001 Labelling Notice or 2015 Labelling Notice.

The media release can be found here. The Telecommunications (Revocation of Technical Standards) Instrument 2015(No. 1) can be found here.