I watched and heard a webinar presented by several groups within the American Bar Association today, dealing with the topics of estate planning, financial planning, after-retirement careers and selling a practice. The webinar was free and if you’re an ABA member, you should be able to access the replay of the webinar. Here’s an interesting calculation that was quoted during the webinar, from a financial writer. It concerns how you can determine if you have enough assets or are saving enough for a comfortable retirement. Multiply your age by your annual income and divide by ten. That should be your net worth. If your actual net worth is lower, you should be saving more. It’s a number, but I’m skeptical of calculations that treat everyone’s situation as if it were the same. Are you helping aged parents? Are your children still in need of help, or does any of them have special needs? What is the cost of living where you plan to live in retirement? Can you continue to earn a modest income in retirement? Nevertheless, I find it interesting to do calculations like the one quoted, if only to serve as a starting point for more serious planning. But the advice remains the same: save more, spend less. To that, I would add, have as much fun as you can within those constraints.