The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has entered consent orders with two Pennsylvania wastewater treatment facility operators that have agreed to make significant upgrades before accepting hydraulic-fracturing wastewater for treatment. In re Hart Res. Techs., Inc., Docket No. CWA-03-2013-0049 (EPA 5/8/13); In re Fluid Recovery Servs., LLC, Docket No. CWA-03-2013-0051DN (EPA 5/8/13). The facilities had stopped taking hydraulic-fracturing wastewater after receiving compliance orders from EPA in September 2011. The current facilities’ operator is merging with Fluid Recovery Services, Inc., and in its consent order agrees to pay a $36,000 civil penalty. Fluid Recovery Services also agreed to make upgrades and obtain a new permit from the state before the facilities can receive hydraulic-fracturing wastewater.