The Second Circuit denied a motion to vacate an arbitration award that was based on the arbitrator’s failure to disclose that colleagues at his law firm were providing legal advice to clients in corporate transactions in which one of the arbitration parties was the opposing party.  Ometto v. ASA Bioenergy Holding A.G.,Nos. 12-4022, 13-225 (2d Cir. Jan. 7, 2014).  Agreeing with the district court’s finding, the Second Circuit concluded that the arbitrator lacked knowledge of the conflicts at issue at the time he authored the award and there was not any evident partiality.  The Second Circuit also agreed that the arbitrator had no reason to believe that a nontrivial conflict might exist and thus had no further duty to investigate.  Further, to the extent that the arbitrator was careless, his carelessness did not rise to the level of “willful blindness” and thus was insufficient to vacate the award.