On September 16, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services Division of Finance and Corporate Securities adopted a rule amending several sections of the Oregon Administrative Rules related to the licensing of mortgage loan originators. The amendment makes minor changes to sections related to (i) definitions; (ii) the license application process; (iii) criminal records check requirements; (iv) significant event and financial reporting requirements; (v) bonding calculations; and (vi) retention of advertising samples. In addition, the rulemaking added a new section that designates the filing of a report containing false or incorrect information as a practice subject to denial, suspension, or revocation of licensure. The amendment also clarifies the manner in which deposits into or withdrawals from a trust account of borrower funds must be documented. Finally, the amendment adjusts the amount of pre-licensing and continuing education required to obtain and maintain licensure. The amendments become effective on January 1, 2015.