On May 24, the CFPB released its latest consumer complaint report. This month’s report highlights complaints related to credit reporting, noting that such complaints made up approximately 143,700 of the 882,800 total complaints that the CFPB has handled as of May 1. The report found, among other things, that: (i) credit reporting remains among the top three products complained about by consumers, with more than 4,500 complaints submitted in April alone; (ii) the three largest U.S. credit reporting companies are also the top three companies offering credit reporting services, accounting for 95% of the credit reporting complaints submitted between December 2015 and February 2016; and (iii) during that same time period, consumers also submitted more than 2,000 complaints involving specialty consumer reporting companies that provide reports in particular areas, including background and employment screening, checking account screening, rental screening, and insurance screening. According to the report, the most common types of credit reporting complaints have included the following: (i) inaccurate information appearing on credit reports, particularly information related to debt collection items and information resulting from identity theft; (ii) difficulty in correcting inaccuracies, including long delays, negative customer service experiences, and failed attempts to have inaccuracies removed; and (iii) the inability to access credit reports online due to overly burdensome identity authentication questions.