The General Court has published an order, dated 17 December 2009, removing an appeal by Akzo Nobel NV, Akzo Nobel Chemicals Holdings AB and Eka Chemicals AB (together “Akzo Nobel”) from its register (Case T-199/06).

Akzo Nobel were seeking the partial annulment of the Commission’s decision that fined Akzo Nobel €25.1 million for participation in cartels in the hydrogen peroxide and perborate markets in breach of Article 101 of TFEU. However, by way of a letter lodged at the Registry of the General Court on 26 November 2009, Akzo Nobel informed the Court that they wished to discontinue proceedings. By a letter lodged at the Registry on 9 December 2009, the Commission informed the Court that it had no objection to the discontinuance and requested that, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, the applicants be ordered to pay the costs.

17 December 2009