The House Judiciary Committee approved a package of bills aimed at strengthening the state’s Megan’s law, which requires sex offenders to register with authorities.

House Bill 74 requires out-of-state sex offenders who are required to register in their home states to register with the Pennsylvania State Police when they relocate here.

House Bill 75 amends Megan’s Law to apply to transients and the homeless.

House Bill 77 amends Megan’s Law to allow the Pennsylvania State Police to set up a system so that members of the public can sign up for e-mail alerts whenever a convicted sex offender moves into their community.

In November, Governor Rendell vetoed legislation designed to close loopholes in the law. The bill also contained language expanding Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine, changes opposed by Rendell. The Castle Doctrine changes are back in legislation, SB 273, recently introduced in the Senate. The measure would remove the "duty to retreat" clause when an individual is threatened by an attacker in any place that individual has a right to be, including the individual's home or vehicle.