The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a report titled “Consumer Product Safety Commission: Action Needed to Strengthen Identification of Potentially Unsafe Products.” According to the report, the commission (CPSC) does not require those reporting product-related risks and incidents for inclusion on the database to include model or serial numbers in their reports. A law adopted in August 2011, requires CPSC to try to obtain this information or a product photograph from the submitter before forwarding the information to the product manufacturer for a response.  

GAO found that the analytic methods CPSC uses to identify reports lacking product model or serial numbers is lacking in some respects and recommended that “CPSC enhance the analytic methods it uses to identify product information in a report of harm, such as by verifying whether the model field in its data contains a number (versus a text response, which would not meet the statutory requirement) or by searching for model numbers or serial numbers that may be listed in other fields.”